Wordx Word 30/30: Child’s Garden

A Child’s Garden

Is scattered with
Men in navy and bullet proof vests,

Charging in a ballet of chaos
To rescue

One man who prefers to live under the grass,

Tricks little girls
Frozen in white lace dresses
With a flip of a shield,

Says, “Shhh…”

Runs off…


Wordx Word 30/30: Desolation


The “I” is alone
As in Confessional
As in trying to break rocks in the desert because they are your only company
When many men are sweating and spilling drinks on you in this club

You in a bed in your lover’s house
But he’s gone to the gym at 5 a.m. because he needs


One slipper

That mysterious stain on the ceiling
30 minutes have passed a statue

Sprinkled with

Reaching out through a vortex

Wordx Word 30/30: Knock on the Door

Knock on the door.
Don’t tell me you’ve come to return my sugar.
You’re sorry for spilling water into the box,
Crusting my sweet granules.
You’ve had to break it up with a mallet
As hard as any box of brown.
(The violence is not sexy anymore.)

You don’t knock on the door;
You break down the wood,
Barge your broad body in.
You. Are. Sorry.
The hands are not yours.
Your hands are hours away,
Fluttering about in some magnificent trance on
Someone else’s door.

Please, knock on my door
With your wrinkled face,
As splintered as your old mind,
A colorful struggle feeding these babies.
(That is the only way I’ll have you.)

Don’t. Knock. On. My. Door.
I know your feet will fly back before
It crosses the entryway.
Sand down your swollen knuckles to barely nubs of
Walk backwards,
Shrink me down to a freckle on the sidewalk
Until I become an atom on your DNA.

Non-social Media

Social media portrays the extremely polished,  gleaming joyful or the raging, passionate pessimist. The free space, mundane, TV dinner, grocery-store life is rarely represented in this realm.

We are not plugging out, watching Family Feud all day…

Nor are we staring at ceilings for hours thinking about…

Nor are we doing homework we hate…

Nor are we crying in bathrooms…

Nor are we complacent…

Nor are we apathetic…

What are we not saying?

National Poetry Month

A few days ago, National Poetry Month began! (I wrote this then, And forgot to take it off “Draft” mode.) I will be on poetry overload this month. In my Advanced Poetry Workshop, my colleagues and I will be workshopping our poems every week and there are many contests to submit to.

I just sat in on a reading at my school, “Writing on Loss and Leaving,” which featured poetry by my favorite professor, and memoir by other staff members and students on some heavy subject matter. It was cool to support writers in my community.

Also, I will try to commit myself daily to poem writing, in addition to the assigned poetry for class. This is my Christmas, y’all.

Here are some sites holding contests:

(My poetry is featured here. )

(I submitted here two years ago and came up empty-handed. Still fun.)



If I discover any others, I’ll post them.

I Think I’m Going to Boston…

I have this huge fascination with accents and languages. I often like to mimic different ones, just for fun. How amazing is it that our vocal cords, tongues, teeth, lips, air formulate sounds of words that form accents? Why do we have them? What about our region is instrumental in constructing our speech? It’s amazing that even in one country, there is so much variation of language!

On a trip to Boston, my friend and I were observing the inhabitants of this city, how they look and, specifically, how they speak. Being from New Jersey in the Greater New York City area, I have a sense on how New York City speech is distinguished from (my preconceived notion of) that of Boston. We were not there for long, as the weather made it difficult to walk aimlessly with comfort. Thus, we were not able to engage much with the Bostonians enough to understand the premise of a “true Boston Accent.” However, we did hear some words like the non-rhotic “bar” (the /r/ sound is dropped) and a variation of the sound “Uhh” (more like “Ahh”). It was quite funny.

The closest I was to understanding a Boston accent was primarily from this movie, which I emulated unapologetically, shouting in Beacon Hill:

The Heat (2013) – Are You A Narc? – Movie Clip: http://youtu.be/AzNw4YWvJ3k

Then, I found this video, comparing NYC accents to Boston accents:

Accent Tag: Boston vs NY!!: http://youtu.be/at5H178w3Wo